The Blizzard API has changed

What does this mean? Well as you've likely noticed, your spreadsheet is broken! Prior to this change the Blizzard API could be accesed with out using an API key. They have migrated to new servers and now require an API key. The Blizzard Terms of Service for the API states that you must keep this key private. Because the spreadsheet's code is visible to anyone who has access to it, I would be unable to keep my personal key private and would comprimise it. SOOOO.... anyone who uses this spreadsheet must obtain their own key, and be aware that if they share their spreadsheet with others that they could possibly be violating the API's terms of service. In the future I may program a proxy API to work around this pain in the butt, but for now this is the quickest way to get everyone's sheets working again.

What you need to know:

Here's whatcha gotta do!

Step 1 The code for the spreadsheet has changed quite a bit so you'll need to grab a new copy of the spreadsheet, from here

You can copy/paste your WoW characters from your old sheet to the new one, or if you know how to you can copy/paste the new code into your old spreadsheet using the Script Editor. Either way works.

Step 2 Go here and sign up for a Mashery ID so you can get an API key
Step 3 Once you sign up you'll see this screen, click on the link to apply for an API key

Step 4 Fill out the from! Agree to the Terms of Service, then click Register Application

Step 5 You'll be taken to this screen where your key will be displayed. Copy it

Step 6 Go to your spreadsheet (that has the new spreadsheet code), and go to the script editor

Step 7 This is what the code should look like, on line 25 it will ask you for your API key

Step 8 Paste your API key inbetween the two ""s

Step 9 Save the changes to your code, Hit Ctrl+S or Go to the File Menu and select Save

That's it, you should be good to go!

If it didn't work, please contact me on Twitter or Reddit and I can try to lend a hand.