Two fixes for Death Knights!

below you'll find methods for fixing Death Knight's color not showing up on their class, and errors on death knight's role

Fix color not showing up

Right click on the word DeathKnight and select conditional formatting (you'll only have to do this once)
Find DeathKnight on the panel on the right
Add a space between Death and Knight, hit done

Fix Frost DKs missing role

Go to View > Hidden Sheets > and select Drop downs
Select the Drop downs tab at the bottom of the sheet
You'll see Column E and F have a list of Specs and Roles
at the bottom of the list, in column E put


  (IMPORTANT: put 1 extra space after the t)
in column F put


(no extra space required)

Why is there the space? it's an easy way to distinguish between Frost Mages and Frost Death Knights.
Hide the sheet when you're done