March 16th the old WoW API is shutting down

This has meant a fair bit of work for folks like me who maintain projects that use the API. It's meant rewriting almost the entire script that runs the spreadsheet. Since Mists of Pandaria I've worked hard to keep up with major changes, patches, add requested features as well as help folks customize their sheets. There is no doubt going to be many issues and bugs with this release and as always I will do my best to fix them in a timely fashion.

Here are some things that I know are currently not working or may be issues:

What's to come?

The new API has added some unique challenges that will make it difficult if not impossible to continue using existing templates with the same functionality. I know many people have spent a great deal of time lovingly formatting their sheets for their needs. Luckily this is the end of the expansion, and so it's almost time to start new sheets for Shadowlands anyway. Moving forward I plan to make sure the base script works and try to return as many as the previously existing features to it as possible.
I've also been working on a new, feature-filled version of the sheet that will hopefully meet many more people's needs.

Thank You

I want to take a moment to give special thanks to everyone who has supported me through this. Recently I've had a surge of people generous enough to offer financial support for my efforts, although for the majority of BfA my Patreon monthly support was less than $5. It's meant a great deal to me as I do put a lot of time into this project and often feel like I get very little in return for it, but that brings us to the next thing that I feel is very important to address...

Custom Code

I've always encouraged users to customize their sheets to their needs, and many have relied on me to write custom code for them, often giving only a 'thx' in return. I've been dreading the shutdown of the API because I know it means all the custom code I've written for people is about to break, and they're going to assume that I have the time to once again write/re-write it for them, and this is not the case. I apologize if this sounds blunt, but time is a commodity, and I cannot simply be giving it away anymore. You're welcome to suggest features for the script, and I'll certainly listen to and consider adding useful ones, but as far as custom code goes... if you give/have given financial support to my project I'll try to make time for you, but my priorities are currently fixing bugs, maintaining the script and working on the new version of the sheet.