bruk's automagic WoW character tracking and audit spreadsheet

Keep track of your World of Warcraft guild or alt gear, enchants, progression, professions and more!

9.2 update

This update should apply remotely. 'The Enlightened' will require some additional formatting, and the additional rep did cause some issues in reputation section of the Inspection tab from the update, but aside from that should require no manual adjustments

9.1 update

We have some one time fixes that need to be applied to existing templates for them to work, in a lot of cases it's much easier to just make a new copy of the template, but for those who want to maintain their old one, here's the fixes:

Manual updates for 9.1

Shadowlands Template

Go to Template, click USE TEMPLATE in upper right corner

No, you can't use/update your old sheet! there's been a lot of changes/updates to the bones of both the code and the sheet.

Setup Instructions

Other Guides

- manual mode, known issues, etc

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