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Where is the Shadowlands template???

It's coming! SOON ™! There are a lot of things that are difficult to do/test before Shadowlands launches. It will likely take a couple of days to test out, and even then we'll probably have a lot of bugs to repair. Unlike mods, there's no beta access for the Web API we use, and while there are some examples of the endpoints out there, I'd rather not release a template that is going to be too buggy to survive long. Don't want folks to have to delete their sheets and start over.

Til then, I hope everyone has a great time leveling and exploring the new expansion, I'll be over here furiously editing code! Good luck and have fun out there. -bruk

[BfA Template] Two version to choose from!


Enter in the names of the characters you want to track

Go to Manual Template


Enter your guild name, adjust the filters, and it will automatically fill in the names.

Go to Guild Template

Setup Instructions

If you're new follow these instructions to get started with the Blizzard API. Please note it can often take up to an hour for your dev keys to start working update 2020-04-21

professions readded!

You will need to the new scripts engine to use this script. You should see this at the top of your scripts window, select enable. update 2020-03-15

Manual users must update their
Auto-guild users must update both their and

You will need to add a column to the left of World Boss for corruption

Video on how to update your script (older video, but instructions are basically the same)

There's a couple fixes you may need for Death Knights

The old API is shutting down, this is a huge update to the code. If you don't update, your sheet is not going to work. There's going to be many issues and bugs with this update, and thank you for everyone who finds and reports them.

If you'd like you can read more here about known issues the sheet may be having, as well as future plans for maintaining the sheet. You can contact me through any social media listed on this page if you find issues with the sheet.

Join the Discord Server if you have any problems!


Back in Mists of Pandaria I created a Google Spreadsheet for myself for tracking my alts and others seemed to take interest in it, so I have updated it for Warlords, and now Legion and taken many suggestions to improve it.

It's great for tracking your guild's progress, your friends, or your alts. You can easily check your entire roster with this!

Keeps track of:

It has a custom menu (next to the Help menu on the Google Docs toolbar) that will refresh all of the characters on the list! If you use it, you be prompted to give it permission for it to run. If you're wondering why the answer is addressed in the FAQ. If this still scares you, just don't give it permission and don't use the button. Typing anything into Cell A1 will achieve the same thing. You can also force an individual update by changing letters in a character's name/realm/region from/to upper/lowercase.

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Known Issues / Frequently Asked Stuff

Will there be a version for Classic WoW?

YES! But not until there's an API availible. Right now there isn't one, but as soon as there's an Armory for classic there will likely be an API and we can start working on the classic sheet.

Guild Output Errors

There are a number of known guild output errors, some of them include: no spec on the API for a character. Wrong role reported on the character for current spec.
Newer versions of the roster have had this fix applied to them but this leads to another issue..

Guild roster not sorting roles properly

The Guild roster is sorted with the Guild API, which unfortunately does not always have the proper Spec selected for a character. The above fix overrides the guild API's reported Spec so that the correct one is reported. But since they may have been marked wrong in the Guild API.. they get sorted wrong. Fingers crossed that Blizz gets this sorted.

Guild ilvl Sort

Unfortunately as item level is not availible from the guild API this is not possible. If to be able to sort by item level then can use the manual name entry template, and use the sort column feature. It's sad. I know :(

Can I change the colors?

Yep! just right click on the offending cell, go to "Conditional formatting" and do what you want. Change the colors, the item level thresh holds, what ever you want. The change should replicate to all other cells that are controlled by those conditions It's pretty easy!

Why does the refresh menu version of the template require authorization to do stuff? I'm scared.

It sounds like something scary, which is why I made it a seperate version of the template incase for what ever reason.. you don't trust me. That's cool, I understand. Let me try to explain it.. The way the refresh feature works has to do with the way Google Spreadsheets decides to rerun a function and get new data. In order to do this, one of the fields that it calls has to have changed. In order to do this, the script needs to have access to change one of the fields. The field it's changing? A1, which has white text so you may not have even noticed anything going on there. When you click the refresh option in the menu, the A1 field gets updated with the current time, which is called (but not used) by the script. A1 changes, the script says "Hey one of my fields is different!" and everything refreshes. Is there a better way? Maybe. Did I even think this up on my own? No. I got it from here. This bit of code, the white text in column A1, and the function calling A1 is the only difference between the refresh version and the regular version.

Why can't my guild mates/other people use the refresh feature on my sheet?

It's only usable by anyone able to edit the spread sheet. If you've given them access to view and not edit, then they cannot see or use the menu.

Error on individual character

If most of the sheet is loading the character data properly but you get a hiccup for some one and you KNOW that there's no typos, and you're not using the version of the sheet with the refresh button, try cHanGing a LetTer iN thE naMe or rEAlm frOm uPper tO LowercAse or vISE vERSA. This will force the script to rerun for that individual character. If it's still not working, check the armory page to make sure they they show up.

Why it take time to populate the fields

There's a random sleep timer on the script which causes each call to sleep for a certain (short) period before calling the Blizz API. This is because if you're requesting a bunch of API calls all at once, it'll block you and say "Hey, don't you think you've had enough?" No really. You can only make so many calls per second, so that's why it's there.

I got to row 60 and it won't let me add more characters! Why?

There's a soft limit to the number of characters you can add, but you can fix it, just click on the last working row's column E, you'll get a little square in the corner, drag that down as far as you want. Do the same thing for the avatar column
There are 2 reasons for this limit.. 1: Each time the formula is called it runs the script, and as you can guess, that could cause it to go a bit slower. Most people never put more than 50 people into the sheet so they never even notice the limit.
Reason 2: There is actually a limit to the number of calls to the API you can make per second, which is 100. You'd think then you'd be fine with up to 100 characters.. however, the way relics are, we actually have to make an api call for each one. So each character = 4 API calls. You can see where things can get messy! However, there is a random pause before the script pulls the API each time, so even if you have 100+ characters, you probably won't run into the API calls per second issue, unless you add an extremely large number of characters.
There is also a calls per hour limit, which is 36,000

Want to contribute, have a suggestion, or facing some other problem not addressed here?

Hit me up on twitter (@bruk) or Reddit (/u/brewk)

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Awesome Alt Addons

I hear way too often that an addon could do everything my spreadsheet does if you're just using it for tracking alts, as if I don't use addons. Personally I love a good spreadsheet. I like sorting things and clicking on cells.

However, I also LOVE addons, and here are just a few of them that I use to keep tabs on my army of alts.

Altoholic - shows extremely detailed info about each of your alts and allows you to even search their inventory, see when you have mail expiring, dungeon resets, and more. A must have!

Titan Panel - tool bar that is highly customizable and sometimes necessary to make other mods usable, such as Broker Garrison

Broker Garrison - needs Titan Panel or another addon called Bazooka to run. Will show you detailed info on your Garrisons/Legion Orderhall such as when your alts' caches are nearly full, who's got finished missions and work orders.

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