bruk's automagic WoW character tracking and audit spreadsheet

Keep track of your World of Warcraft guild or alt gear, enchants, progression, professions and more!


1/27/2024: there's been quite a few updates to the sheet to add in helm/belt enchant tracking, so if your sheet doesn't have those things then I highly recommended deleting your old sheet and starting with a fresh template.

Classic (Vanilla) Template

This is still being tested but should work for Season of Discovery as well as Hardcore. Setup is the same as the Dragonflight sheet. The Classic API is very limited so we've had to make due with the data they've given us (so far).

Go to Classic Template

Classic (WotLK) Template

Pretty much same as vanilla- limited data and still being tested.

Go to WotLK Template

Dragonflight Template

Go to Template, click USE TEMPLATE in upper right corner

No, you can't use/update your old sheet! there's been a lot of changes/updates to the bones of both the code and the sheet.

Setup Instructions

Other Guides

- manual mode, known issues, etc

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